We believe God meant for us to share life together. Growing spiritually doesn’t happen when we just know what Jesus says. Growth happens when we apply what He says. Application happens best within the context of community. To grow spiritually, we must be connected relationally.

What Are Growth Groups

Each week we have Growth Groups available for people of all ages and walks of life to dive into their faith and grow with others. We have Growth Groups that meet in homes throughout the community as well as on the Gateway campus. All of our Growth Groups offer basic material for kids and are child friendly, but our primary family night is Wednesday. Every Wednesday we offer adult groups as well as children and student groups physically at the church. These groups are designed to provide time for people to grow together, to grow closer to Christ, and to provide an opportunity for people to serve as well.

How Do I Join A Group?

Below we have groups listed with who is leading, where they are located, when the groups meet, and what material they are covering. After you signup for a group by filling out the form below, one of the leaders will contact you back if any information is needed like providing you an address to the group’s weekly meeting.

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Learn What It Means To: LIVE, LOVE, & SERVE

Sunday Groups

Bob & Cindie Casazza's Group
Led by Bob & Cindie Casazza | 6:30pm | Located In West Lake
  • “Epicenter:”  A book study where the author provides his ideas on prophecy and current events into the future of the Middle East.  Based on Scripture, exclusive interviews with world leaders, and previously classified documents. Located at Scott Schrumpf’s house. Please email for address.

Wednesday Groups

JoAnn Petonic's Group
Led by JoAnn Petonic | 6:30pm | Located At Gateway
  • “Daniel study:”  God uses things like a furnace, a lion’s den, a mad king, and exile in a foreign country to forge spiritual character in a soul. If you long to meet God in these challenging times and come through the fire stronger and more faithful, Daniel is ready to show the way.
Jeramy McDaniel's Group
Led by Jeramy McDaniel| 6:30pm | Located at Gateway
  • “Uphill Faith Study:”  During the last hours of his life, Jesus willingly carried his own cross up that final hill.  As you immerse yourself in The Passion Story, you’ll discover a source of spiritual fuel to help you face the steep inclines of your own life.
Jen Kocan's Women's Group
Led by Jen Kocan | 6:30pm | Located At Gateway
  • Currently diving into what it means to “Chase the Heart of God” and looking at David’s broken life and what that looks like in our own lives.
Mike Petonic's Group
Led by Mike Petonic | 6:30pm | Located At Gateway
  • Currently studying 1st & 2nd Peter in a book called “Courage in Times of Trouble” by John McArthur.


Young Adult Group
Led By Patrick Floyd | 7:30pm | Located At Gateway
  • If you are between the ages of 18 and 30 this is the perfect group for you. Whether married or single, have children or not, this group is for those entering their early adult years. We will follow up each Sunday’s sermon with a study, having meals together, serving together, and enjoying growing with each other.
To signup for a group or request more information, fill out the form below.

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